About Us

Baystream is a System Integrator and Managed Services Provider focused on solutions for mid-market Companies. We specialize in process and compliance improvement. We exploit the benefits stemming from the marriage of cloud architectures with traditional software.


World-class Content Management with Records, Document and Quality Document Processing. Total integration to Office Products on the front end, SQL Server, SharePoint, and SSRS on the backend. Cloud or Desktop Servers. Ideal for regulated environments that require stringent audit and processing controls.


Workflow-driven systems to facilitate enforcement and monitoring of processes, systems and data flows. Real Time Monitoring of all processes and network components with escalation workflows. High Availability and Redundant Networks. Compliance monitored on Cloud and Local Networks.


Enterprise data security and user management systems supported by the latest advanced methodologies including encryption-at-rest, disaster recovery, secure collaboration, incremental backups, as well as Federation Servers for identity management and authentication.

Server Migration

Fast, general-purpose system for the migration of any Windows or Linux based workload to AWS, Azure or OpenStack Clouds or to virtual machines on Physical Servers, running under Hyper-V or VMware.

Document Management

Highly scalable, Application and Server Backup, featuring flexible retention policies and replication schema with the option of virtual servers created periodically for instantaneous restore capabilities.

Accounts Payable

Automation solution with dozens of pre-packaged Workflows to handle Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payments, Vendors. Able to handle PO and Inventory matching. Interfaced to leading OCR engines. Fast Entry, Manual Capture System.

Password Management

Fully customizable, password self-service system, with Federation server to enable multiple AD Authentication and SSO, providing a unified access to Domain Users, Web visitors, Partners and Customers.

Forms Management

Form Solution deeply integrated to both SQL Server and M-Files allowing complex Forms with common Fields, pre-filled Fields and Rule Fields. Forms can be published on Web Sites or sent by Email.

Quality Management

Totally secure, low cost and infinitely scalable, M-Files QMS provides a complete environment for SOP, CAPA and Learning Management. Ideal for regulated environments, or in sensitive industries such as Health, Insurance and Banking.

Real Time Alerts and Process Monitoring – Running on your desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles, our process monitor ensure you are instantly alerted of system abnormalities or urgent messages, or perhaps a contract that is waiting for your signature.
Master Data Management – Powered by our distributed enterprise bus, all our solutions enforce strict data security with encrypted data transfers and federated accounts management, providing smooth integration and upgrade paths.
Unified IT Control Dashboard – Powered by Microsoft Operations Management Suite, control and update every part of your infrastructure. Do this for AWS, Azure or Local Network machines, Windows or Linux.
Leading De-duplication Technology – Combined with encryption, performed before the data leaves your computer. Keeps your bandwidth and storage needs to a minimum and allows for flexible retention policies.
Wide choice of Cloud Providers – Choose between Azure, AWS or any OpenStack provider. Alternatively, build your own Private Cloud, or create a “simulated Cloud” with SYNOLOGY Appliances.
Penetration Testing – As part of our solution deployment, we offer fully confidential, Penetration Testing, run by accredited teams. This is the only way to know how secure your network really is.