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Process Control, Workflows and OCR

Streamline your organization’s important business processes and workflows, from simple document requests to advanced approval processes.

The M-Files workflow engine makes it easy to implement business process with multiple steps including and pre- and post-conditions. Participants in the process can be notified via email of required actions, and documents and other objects can be added to their electronic to-do list. It’s easy to see the status of documents or other objects, and processes can be advanced to the next step with a single click.

All workflow steps are tracked in the version history. The Reporting system provides a visual monitor of progress which immediately pinpoints blocks or problems.

Controlling the permissions of allowed state transitions can also be easily configured for individual users, user groups, or metadata-based “pseudo users,” such as employee or supervisor. This delivers easy process management. For instance, permissions for a contract approval process can be configured such that it is only be possible for the agreement to be “approved” the agreement owner.

For full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or GMP EU Annex 11, workflow state transitions can be set to require digital signatures.

See Workflows live and OCR in practice