The ATHENA Password and Identity Management system is a complete environment that includes secure user registration, password management and self-service password reset facilities. The back end is powered by a Federation Server which also enable the use of multiple authentication systems, including Active Directory. The system can be completely customized and is designed to be used with both on-site and Cloud-based Active Directories.

Optionally, the system can be extended to include Domain Controllers. If you are in need of a complete Identity Management solution for your Company, that includes a Windows Server based Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, Federation Services Server for multi-tenant Domains, Single-Sign-On and even integration with Azure Active Directory, Registration Services without the need for the expensive “Azure Enterprise Edition” option, look no further. We can provide a complete managed solution that includes all of these components in the Cloud of your choice.

Key Features
  • Completely Flexible: you chose to include some of your own components or go for a solution that has every part in the Cloud, for maximum speed of deployment
  • Simple to deploy: this requires no implementation effort and can be running and powering all your registrations in a few hours
  • Enterprise Security: independent of the deployment choice, what you get includes full encryption at rest of all critical data and for additional security, you can even include Multi-Factor Authorization.
Password Self Service Features
  • Self-service, forgotten password reset
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Password expiration notification
  • Password strength options and metering
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
Authentication Features
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Federation Server for Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Domain, User Identity Management
  • Back-end connected to Microsoft Active Directory, Directory Services
  • Integrated to all Office-365 Systems
  • Connects to multiple Active Directories
  • SAML2 and OAuth based, Single Sign-On