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Application: Migrate Physical Servers to the Cloud

Whether you are migrating a single machine or a whole network to the Cloud, ATLAS, a BayCMS Component, is the solution you need due to its simplicity, speed and amazing flexibility. A job that used to take days of manual intervention, now is done in minutes. You can even resize and remodel your target server along the way.

Application: Migrate a workload between Clouds

Now you can relocate workloads between Clouds at the touch of your fingertips. AWS to Azure? No problem! Need multiple parallel running machines for safety? Talk to us about our Fail-Safe and HA architecture modules.

Migrate any Physical or Virtual Server to any Environment!
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or OpenStack
  • Hypervisors: VMware ESXi, KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Operating Systems: Any modern Microsoft Operating System or Linux Variant
  • Performance: Fast, Easy to Use and Low Cost
Application: Migrate workloads between Hypervisors

One network running multiple hypervisors? Running both vSphere ESXi and Hyper-V? Our system will migrate your workload or Server in minutes. Ask for a demo!

  • Migrate from Physical of Virtual Servers to AWS, Azure or OpenStack Virtual Environments
  • Support for VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Servers
  • Chose target Server compute power, RAM and Disk Space independent of source architecture
  • Choose target server disk size. Select SSD or Magnetic Drives. Make choices independently of source characteristics
  • Migrate running Servers
  • Supports Windows or Linux Operating Systems