Record Management

 Integrated Retention Policy and Legal Hold System

  Workflow-Driven Approvals

  Multi-Hold Enabled

 Controlled by Legal Department

 e-Discovery Support

Combining Legal Hold and Retention Policy management, our solution encompasses documents residing both in M-Files and SharePoint Online.

Powered by flexible, Category-Driven Workflows.

Our Retention Policy System for M-Files

A reliable and powerful  Retention  Policy System allows companies to define the rules governing which files should be archived and which should be deleted, and when. Without such rules and automation to support their management, companies are often forced to "keep everything" but this is very expensive and can result in nightmare scenarios during audits or discovery proceedings since the volume of data to be searched can become overwhelming. Another problem is that over time, it becomes impossible to know what information is saved among the mountain of records; this is a very risky situation to be in when exposed to regulations such as PIPEDA or GDPR.

Control the Archival and Purge operations of all documents managed by M-Files.

Powerful system to archive and purge documents according to rules defined by the Compliance Department.

  • Archived documents can be restored while Purged ones are permanently deleted including all their versions.

  • Archive and Purge trigger-dates, are settable depending on user-definable properties such as Document Class, Document Category, Creation and/or Modification Date - as well as the properties of related Documents.

  • Extensive Logging guarantees a perennial record of all operations.

  • Batch or Interactive Operation; when interactivity is enabled, all Archival and Purge operations require final approval by one or all the members of the designated user group.

  • Legal Hold supersedes all archive and purge rules, thereby ensuring compliance with both internal Policies and Legal Requirements.

  • All operations run in the background, thereby not impacting the performance of the system as a whole.

Our Legal Hold System

An efficient and flexible  Legal Hold  System is an essential component of the legal toolbox in corporate environments where reacting and complying with a discovery call, can otherwise throw a whole company's operation in disarray. Our Legal Hold system freezes document content but does not remove documents from operation and workflows. It also allows for multiple Holds to be applicable to the same set of documents and all of this with minimal disruption to operations. Contact us to show you how this is done, using M-Files document management technology.

M-Files Legal Hold System

Highly flexible system to define named "Holds" and the rules governing which documents are to be included in a Hold; finally, when the conditions are right, delete the Hold, thereby releasing the documents contained in it.

  • Define the user-groups to manage a Hold and add documents to that Hold.

  • Define multiple Holds, whereby a document may belong to more than one Hold at any one time.

  • Documents placed on Hold are automatically transformed to PDF - with the original archived till the Hold is suspended.

  • Documents that are on Hold, may continue to participate in Workflows, though they can no longer be edited or deleted.

  • Export all or a portion of documents in a Hold - either to an external drive or another M-Files Vault

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