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Operations Improvement and Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a combined methodology, incorporating ideas from Lean Manufacturing and from Six Sigma.

Typical “Lean” activities:
  • Shorten process time
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps
Typical “Six Sigma” activities:
  • Identify and reduce variability
  • Improve process capability

Applied as a combined methodology, Lean and Six Sigma results in both streamlining and optimizing processes.

More than Lean Six Sigma:

We combine the Lean Six Sigma methodology with the application of modern software tools. The application of one method or one technology is rarely taken in isolation but rather, the decision to implement any one method or technology is the result of a company wide improvement strategy.

We can help and have experience in the determination of the strategy, the improvement of organization (such as via ISO or Lean) as well as implementation of related software tools in the areas of Quality, Document Management, Workflows, ERP, CRM and Cloud.

That seems like a long list but in fact they are all interrelated areas, dealing broadly with:

  • Information storage and retrieval
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Process Efficiencies
A Team Approach

Our clients are teamed with industry experts who have the experience of introducing new processes with a minimum disruption to existing flows. At Baystream we do not bring one expertise to the table, but rather a interdisciplinary team of professionals! Our clients appreciate the value added from this approach, which results in solutions that are easiest to implement, causing minimal operational disruption and risk.