MTE Melior Cooperation

By March 7, 2015November 11th, 2016No Comments

Baystream Corporation and MTE Melior of Montreal are pleased to announce agreement to establish a stronger alliance, by combining MTE Melior’s Lean Six Sigma consulting expertise with Baystream’s elegant technology solutions. The two companies have been working together for some time and see reason now to work even closer together, on specific client projects. Our clients will benefit by receiving the best and most technologically suitable solutions in support of their productivity improvement needs, delivered by the two companies in a totally transparent way.

Founded in 2000, MTE Melior was created by seasoned consultants with practical hands-on experience in diverse industries. With MTE Melior’s approach, you capitalize on your existing resources while accessing the best practices in productivity improvement. MTE’s experts work with client teams to develop solutions applicable to their situations. In this way, the change and the results are maintained over time.