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BayFMS is Unique

Baystream’s Form Management Solution is unique, combining a powerful Forms Design and Deployment technology with the ability to save all submissions and all field values in a database and furthermore, to have selected field values as well as all PDF forms available from within the M-Files Document Management System. BayFMS works in both online and offline modes.

The delivery and license model

The system uses a dedicated Management SQL database for each domain or customer, to contain:

  • Form Definitions
  • Form Submissions

The Management Database either on our Server or a Customer Server

The cost has a fixed component plus usage costs that depend on:

  • Number of Offline Accounts (with volume based discounts)
  • Number of Form Submissions (with volume based discounts)
  • Whether our Server or a Customer Server is used to house the DB
  • Whether Digital Signatures are needed
Expanding M-Files

M-Files is a perfect solution for:

  • Records Management
  • Workflows

We have expanded M-Files by deeply integrating it with:

  • Forms Management
  • SQL Transaction Management
Baystream Form Management System (BayFMS)

BayFMS is based on the powerful RackForms System (www.rackforms.com) which has been further extended by us in important ways!

  • Form submissions are available in M-Files
  • Form Fields are mapped to properties in M-Files
  • Every M-Files Object may have N Forms associated to it
  • Form Users are separate from M-Files Users
  • Forms may be filled Offline (mobile application)
  • Form Submission data may be encrypted
Example Applications of BayFMS

Online Applications

  • Web Forms (ASP or PHP)
  • Email Forms
  • Surveys

Offline Applications

  • Offline Data Capture (e.g. Clinical settings)
  • Service Forms (designed to work off-line)
  • Field Agent Questionnaires
  • Real Estate Forms
  • Time Sheets
RackForms Native Features

BayFMS is based on the powerful RackForms System (www.rackforms.com) which has been further extended by us in important ways!

  • Extensive Form Editing
  • End-to-End PDF Integration; existing PDF Forms can be imported “as is” with 90% of fields being converted to HTML fields “on the fly”
  • Amazing deployment possibilities (WordPress, Joomla, Emails …) … ASP or PHP
  • Forms can have conditional sections or Fields as well as access to Payment Gateways (only when online)
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Mobile Responsive