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File Sharing and Workgroups!

If you are spending time attaching files to emails and sending multiple versions flying across your organization, there is a better way. Your colleagues can see the same documents you have and you can create groups and projects using flexible metadata fields. You can can also create hyperlinks directly to documents in your document vault for sharing with people outside the organization.

M-Files offers advanced features for file sharing such as:
  • Workflow support to keep documents moving through review and approval processes
  • Check-in/check-out and automatic version control to prevent data loss and confusion associated with multiple versions
  • Role-based and metadata-based security for restricted access to documents
    Shareable links that allow you to send files to external parties, such as clients or customers
  • Co-authoring support to enable multiple users to edit the same file simultaneously in a controlled manner.

In addition to other M-Files users, document editors can even be external users that do not have access to M-Files directly.

File Sharing