Contract Management

 Contract Templates

  Flexible Contract Design Flows - including External Parties

  Expirations, Renewals, Obligations and Deliveries Management

 Notifying Entity Management

 Multi-Party Signature Flows

Designed for corporations, our CMS merges Contract Design, Contract Signature and Active Contract Management phases in one, easy to use  solution.

A Necessary Competitive Edge

Having an effective contract management system is essential in today highly competitive and compliance driven business environment. Relying on a traditional file and cabinet storage system is simply no longer a viable option. Mistakes will be made, contracts can get lost or filled incorrectly and access is limited. Traditional systems also lack the the flexibility to integrate any form of automation wasting countless man hours getting work done in slower and more error prone manner. Our M-Files contract management solution gives business an incredible edge. Manage all phases of contract management including contract library maintenance, contract creation, negotiation, and signature as well as active contract management.

Text Creation, Approval, and Adoption

Reduce contract development time by enhancing coordination, avoiding duplicates, managing versions, and maintaining a library of contract templates and contract drafts.

  • Manage and organize, Contract Templates and Libraries
  • Avoid Client Conflicts
  • Easily work in Teams
  • Track Contact Drafts, with Major and Minor Versions, Revisions.
  • Deploy finished Contract as Contract Templates.
  • Easily handle multi-party contracts, contract attachments, and related contracts.

Contract Signature Phase

Coordinate the final stages and refinements of contracts, getting them ready for signature, including last minute changes of conditions, dates, milestones and signatories; then fine tune signature flows, types and priorities, followed by contract distribution for signature, tracking progress including last minute amendment requests.

  • Define Notifying parties
  • Control signature priority and order
  • Ability to handle internal and external signers
  • Combined electronic and hand made signatures
  • Ability to resend, cancel or amend a contract that was sent for signature
  • Complete Audit trail, including approvals, amendments and signatures timelines.

Active Control Management

Reduce Business Risk and improve Compliance; avoid the negative impact of failing to act in a timely fashion to deadlines, react to Notifying Party changes, send and react to reminders, effect all payments and deliveries on time and track counterparty performance.

  • Avoid penalties by active notification system.
  • Receive timely notifications of milestones and expiration's.
  • Track payment and physical delivery obligations - in both directions!
  • Take advantage of flexible Renewal Management with multiple .
  • Contract Retention Management.
  • Flexible visibility control, avoiding the leakage of sensitive data.

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