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BayMDM for Accounts Payable

BayMDM for Accounts Payables is the result of the merger of two powerful technologies; the BayMDM enterprise bus and master data manager from Baystream and the M-Files document management system from M-Files Inc. This system was created with high performance, high volume situations in mind, but designed to provide a unified environment for all Microsoft based ERP systems including Microsoft Great Plains, AX2012, Dynamics 365 Financials (Navision) and Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX7). Created for the Enterprise, refined for the small Company, tailored to ERP’s major modes of operation:

  • Invoice Generation
  • Purchase Order Matching (2-way Matching)
  • Receipts Matching (3-way Matching)
  • Automatic PO Generation
  • Payment Tracking

ERP Systems core functionality do not extend to enterprise level Accounts Payable flows, including such needs as the storage and archival of document images, the capture of invoice data or the provision of a flexible and configurable workflow systems. Such features and more, are what  BayMDM for Accounts Payables  provides.

BayMDM for Accounts Payables combines the power of the ERP system with the flexibility of the M-Files Document Management System into a Solution that is unique for its power, versatility and ease of use; capable of automatically scaling to thousands of invoices a day or work equally well in an office handling 100 invoices a month!

Features and Benefits
Invoice processing methods and workflows can be selected automatically depending on such parameters as Vendor Class, Shipping or Sender Address or Invoice Total. All automations can be selectively overridden for manual processing.
Configurable Workflows, able to use every value extracted from the ERP as well as the captured Invoice Data, including Vendor Classes, Security Groups, Addresses and Invoice Totals.
Every step taken in processing an Invoice or Payment is automatically logged. Every document is kept including its version history. Transaction records are secured and cannot be deleted. Document archival can be certified to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
Easy to Use – Easy to Learn
Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Approvals and Payment documents are automatically archived in M-Files. These documents are cross-linked to each other and each can be retrieved from either the M-Files or the ERP’s user interface.
Batch or Real Time Operation
BayMDM for AP was designed for high Invoice volume situations, with the ability to operate in Batch Mode. Hence Capture, Coding, Exception Handling, Processing, Posting to ERP are all operations that can be handled by dedicated user groups. User settable parameters define Batch Intervals for OCR, Coding and ERP processing steps. Alternatively, each Invoice can be handled individually and in real time.
Multi-location and multi-company enabled with processing of each stage of the invoice handling being controlled by workflows that can be set for processing in a distributed environment.
Automatic creation of Distributions during Voucher generation, as a function of Vendor Class, Business Unit, Sender and/or Shipping Address.
MDM-AP/GP can be deployed on one server, but in an enterprise setting, the SQL Server, M-Files, the OCR Engine and even the ERP system, are each deployed on clustered servers, enabling virtually limitless scalability and zero down time.
BayMDM for AP was designed with enterprise level security in mind. It can be configured to run completely behind a company’s Firewalls, with all applications including ERP, M-Files and OCR system, running as Windows APPS. Systems such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Thresholds-dependent Approvals and dual or multiple Approvals are all easily configurable. Encryption of all data at Rest is possible. Encryption of all data on the move is standard. Complete traceability of every operation done on any document, including read operations, is standard.
Dashboard Ready
The full power of SQL Server Reporting Services can be used, at zero cost. Microsoft BI is included. As such Reports and Dashboards can be created and saved to M-Files or published to private or external Web Sites. Alternatively, Reports can be viewed in SharePoint.
Able to save to M-Files the history of past Invoices, Purchase Orders, Approvals, Receipts and Payments by downloading these automatically from the ERP system on start-up.
Practical and Error Tolerant
Vendor Names, Addresses and other Items are cross referenced against Aliases. This is just one example of how BayMDM for AP was designed for the practical, every day use. Exception Handling is handled by special purpose workflows and routed to specialist personnel.
Optional Add-Ons
  • DocuSign Interface to PO Approval Workflows
  • Choice of Invoice Capture methods
  • Interface to MS Dynamics 365 for Sales or Salesforce
System Requirements
  • Windows Server 2012 R2+
  • M-Files DMS or M-Files QMS 2015.2+
  • SQL Server 2012, 2014 or 2016 (Standard Edition+)