About Us

Baystream is a software company and managed services provider. We specialize in document management-driven process automation. We integrate our own products with market-leading enterprise tools to create some of the most powerful, and yet elegant, systems available today. We exploit the benefits stemming from the marriage of cloud with traditional architectures. Our core values revolve around reliability and service.


Total integration to Office Products on the front end, SQL Server, SharePoint, and SSRS on the backend. Cloud or Desktop Servers. Large choice of Cloud deployments. Ideal for regulated environments that require stringent audit and processing controls.


Workflow driven back-end systems to facilitate enforcement and monitoring of processes, systems and data flows. Real Time Monitoring of all processes and network components with escalation workflows. High Availability and Redundant Networks. Compliance to SOP monitored on Cloud and Local Network.


Enterprise data security supported by the latest advanced methodologies including encryption-at-rest, disaster recovery, secure collaboration, incremental backups, as well as Federation Servers for identity management and authentication.

A Touch of History

Baystream was formed in 2005; while today our focus is technology, our origins are in management consulting for process improvement and system optimization. As part of our early consulting work, we often found ourselves delivering software and this led to a partnership with a local IT group with whom we eventually merged.

The combination of experienced management consulting and top-flight software engineering has proven very beneficial and has shaped the way we do business. Our software and IT specialists are flanked by business people that include Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma practitioners, and ISO 9001/27001 consultants. They have in common a passion for excellence and the commitment to do all that is possible to provide excellent service.

Our Approach

Our solutions provide complete business automation flows, fulfilling important roles in the life of modern enterprises. We create such solutions by combining our own, state of the art real-time middleware, with market-leading products from our partners; these include ERP, OCR, workflow, Document Management, and Security Assurance.

One product, in particular, deserves a special mention as most of our solutions use it. That is the M-Files Document Management system from M-Files Inc. This solution is powerful, simple to use, amazingly flexible, and has a short learning curve. We have been creating M-Files-based solutions for almost ten years and have grown to depend on M-Files' reliability and flexibility.

We've Created many custom Solutions for Our Clients!

Almost all of the services we advertise on this website where once custom solutions requests made by our customers, whatever challenge you are facing, we can handle it!

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